Self-hypnosis is the process of giving your own unconscious mind suggestions with the aim of altering your beliefs, your feelings or even your performance. Think of it as a little like inception: the planting of ideas that will ultimately help you to thrive and to get past road blocks that may have been your undoing in the past.

This is what self-hypnosis does on an abstract level, but let’s take a look at some of the specific advantages of using this excellent tool.

Changing Your Beliefs

The power of all hypnosis is in its ability to alter your beliefs on a certain subject. While this might not sound highly transformative on the face of it, it can actually be enough to completely change your life in the right circumstances.

This is owing to the role of placebo and the law of attraction which together conspire to ensure that your beliefs can shape your reality.

‘The law of attraction’ for instance shows us how believing something causes you to act in a certain way which in turn causes that thing to happen. Think you’re unsuccessful? Then you’ll slouch and never put yourself forward. Think you’re a winner? Then you’re going to telling people that with your bodylanguage.

And in countless studies, placebos have shown how our belief alone can even profoundly shape our health.

Knowing Yourself

A hypnotist then can use these facts to help patients to think in healthier and more productive ways to in turn ensure they are psychologically as healthy as they can be and that they hold the unconscious beliefs that lead to success. Ultimately they can ‘reprogram’ their patients to think in manners similar to the world’s most successful people.

But with self hypnosis you have the benefit of getting to do this yourself. That means you can to choose precisely what you need to believe to go further and to then go about making that happen. You live inside your own head and you know precisely how your brain works – and this puts you in the perfect position to make the most profound changes. Plus you’ll know better than anyone when it’s working!

On top of that there are some other clear benefits to self-hypnosis too – such as the fact that it can be used anywhere. Or the fact that it’s completely free and can only take a few minutes. Eventually you will learn to be constantly changing your beliefs and thoughts and this is incredibly powerful.

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